The Secret

My cholesterol was way too high and my doctor wanted me to take a statin drug.

I had prided myself on not taking any medications, so I spent several years trying all the natural remedies and diets to lower my cholesterol.

I researched, I read, I took loads of red yeast rice for two years—2-3 times the amount recommended…with absolutely no results. I religiously took EPA/DHA, garlic, Chinese herbs and apple cider vinegar…all without even changing my cholesterol level by one point. Nothing I did worked.

My cholesterol levels absolutely did not budge!

I learned about micronized rice from a friend of mine who had given it to her mother who had dementia and was nearly bedridden with illness. Her mother is now symptom free. When she saw how ill my husband, Charles was, she became adamant that it would help reverse his high blood sugar and liver and kidney issues.

The first month that I ate the micronized rice, one teaspoon in water three times a day, I noticed a slight increase in energy, a little sounder sleep, and I felt more nourished, but I had no idea that it was doing so much at a deep cellular level!

After 30 days I had a blood test and…

My cholesterol dropped 73 points!
My triglycerides came down to normal levels!

All from this one simple shift in diet.

My husband, Charles, has been a diabetic for 35 years, and at 73 his blood sugar went out of control!

He started eating the micronized purple rice and within 90 days his morning blood sugar went from over 200 to 110 and he is now off all blood sugar medications!

Our Blood Pressure levels have both come down since we began eating micronized purple rice as well.


How does this work so well? This pure raw vegan food comes from a heirloom strain of purple rice.

The purple rice is incredibly nutrient dense, so instead of telling you to eat tons of rice, we extracted the specific nutrients that the cells need for energy, repair and regeneration. It actually takes 60 pounds of purple rice to get only 1 pound of these nutrients.

However—the secret is really in the milling process. The one of a kind process breaks down the nutrients down to the size of a micron—which is so small that the nutrients can get through the cell wall to energize any cell, no matter how damaged or insulin resistant.

It can also pass through the blood brain barrier to nourish brain cells.

When cells are nourished properly—they can function at a higher level and they can do what they were meant to do—heal themselves!

In my 40 years in natural healing and energy medicine I have never seen anything work this well and reverse so many conditions.

Call me and let’s talk about what conditions you are looking to reverse.

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