The number 1 reason most people are tired is…

Because the nutrients from their food and supplements are just not getting into the cells to supply energy to function the way they were meant to.

I read a recent University Medical School Journal that said—80% of the population is now insulin resistant on some level—including our children! That means no matter how healthy and clean you are eating, those nutrients are not able to do their job—they can’t get through the cell wall to fuel the cell’s battery.

I had been juicing everything in sight, eating everything organic, and taking handfuls of natural supplements and still feeling as tired and sick as everyone else.

I looked at all my friends who were also trying to do everything right—and they were not reversing their aging either.


Because those nutrients were just not getting into the cells like they were meant to. But today my energy level is up like it was 20 years ago—so is my strength and stamina. My aches and pains have just gradually faded away. Also, since I have been eating the micronized purple rice my focus, my memory, and my sleep are better than ever before.

Nearly everyone who eats this food is saying the same thing.

Why does my purple rice work so well?

This is a pure raw vegan food—an heirloom strain of purple rice that is grown in some of the richest, purest soils on earth. But the secret is that they are able to remove just the potent nutrients that the cells need for energy, repair, and regeneration.

It actually takes 60 pounds of this amazing rice to get only 1 pound of nutrients!

But that is not all—they then put the nutrients through a one-of-a-kind $3 million milling machine which takes it down to the size of a micron! It is then so small that these nutrients can get through the cell wall to energize any cell, no matter how damaged or insulin resistant.

It can also pass through the blood brain barrier to nourish brain cells, too! When the cells are nourished properly—they can function at a higher level and they can do what they were meant to do—heal themselves!

Ready to get my purple rice into your cells, too?

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