Do you ever get inspired for some spring cleaning?

When I get inspired to start cleaning house … the refrigerator, closets, drawers, cupboards, whole rooms – I know that something new and good is just waiting to enter my life.

I also know that when I feel stuck, blocked, lethargic, or bored – if I make the choice to clean something – then something in me fires up. New energy flows and I can breathe freely and I can feel more alive again.

Spring Cleaning for your Body and HomeWell, I just cleaned my whole garage, and my whole clothes closet, and my refrigerator! 

So boy-oh-boy do I know new things are on the way. And although I may not know what it is – I can feel the change, the opening, the gathering of powerful new energy forming to fill the new, clear, organized spaces. 

That’s the way energy works. That’s the way the universe works.

It’s spring! My favorite time of year. The time of new beginnings.  And Spring Cleaning. 

What a great time to clear out the old and pitch it or if it still has value – give it to someone who can use it. It’s a great time to honor what is still good and needed – and spruce it up a bit. 

I find that when I clean I do a much better job if I rearrange everything… and then it’s just like new for me. And all the stale energy is shifted and new energy and inspiration happens.

So…What does your desk look like?

Is it neat or is it messy?

Do you notice how you feel when you clean and organize your desk?

Do you notice how much more work you feel like doing – how much more you can accomplish? 

(My desk is a real mess and I am ready to totally re-arrange my office!  Oh, what new project am I ushering into my business next?)  

How is your clothes closet?  

A mess? Packed? Disorganized?

 I just reorganized my closet by color. I am visual and so I can now find what I want when I look for them. And oh my gosh, I found things I had totally forgotten that I had and loved.  

I even look different after I clean my closet because I’m inspired to wear different things and put different combinations together. It makes me more creative and also look better!

Oh—and when was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator?  

This says so much about the state of your diet … and your health!

Take everything out of your refrigerator, and really wash it out. Throw out everything that is old or unhealthy for you. Check the dates on everything. Use up everything that is still fresh. Be creative. I always make what I call my “clean out the refrigerator” soup. It is always delicious.

Then – Start over. Fill it with clean, beautiful fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, good protein…everything you need for healthy. balanced meals and snacks.  If there is nothing unhealthy for you to eat in your kitchen or your refrigerator—well then—hello—you will snack on an apple and almonds.  When you see the colorful beautiful food you will want to make good choices.

Then-make a promise to yourself to only put the cleanest most healthy foods in refrigerator and your body … along with your Micronized Purple Rice which is of course the most powerful food you can put into your body to fuel your cells so they can recharge, repair, and regenerate. 

Please be aware of the energy in your home.  Make it clean and clear and healthful for your body, mind and spirit. When you detox your home—your body and your mind follows suit.

Because you. dear one, have a purpose in your presence on this planet. And the clearer, cleaner, and more present your personal energy is … the better you can do what you were put here to do in the first place.   

Blessings for your health and outrageous joy! 

What have you cleaned recently? 

How did that make you feel?   

What are you needing next in your health, your life, your business? 

So what is next for you to clean? Let me know in the comments below!