2for webImagine what it would feel like to wake up after a great night’s sleep, free from pain, filled with energy and ready to start a day fulfilling your purpose.

Are you frustrated that this isn’t your reality?

 I get it.  A little over a year ago, I was right there with you…until I was introduced to a simple, whole food that changed my life.

I was exhausted, frustrated and everything hurt… I had seriously researched and done everything good and natural – – and nothing made me feel better. And my doctor kept saying I needed a drug to lower this and another to raise that! I was losing hope until…

A friend told me about a raw, natural, purple micronized rice product that had given her energy back to her … and had greatly helped both of her parents.

I had nothing to lose… And energy to gain.

And sure enough, within weeks I to started feeling better, sleeping better, hurting less and less. And over the months, my hair got thicker! My skin started glowing and looking younger. My digestive issues disappeared. I was amazed at my energy, my mood, and my memory.

charles before and afterBut what happened with my husband Charles is the reason I am sharing this amazing functional food product with anyone who is looking for a natural way to restore health.

Charles was critically ill with liver and kidney issues, skyrocketing blood sugars and something on his kidney that needed to be removed – – but he was too ill for surgery.

Within a few weeks of eating this concentrated heirloom food powder his skintone went from yellow gray to pink and he began feeling better for the first time in a long time.

By the third month his blood sugar was lower than it had been in the last 35 years.

Over the next few months, his hair went from snow white to salt and pepper, his memory sharpened, and his attitude and energy  increased.   But the real change, is that because he was so much healthier, his doctor decided he was, in fact, a good candidate for surgery.  So, after eating the rice for 8 months or so, on January 2nd, Charles had his right kidney and adrenal gland removed.  And all went very, very well, thank God.  

In fact, the doctors were amazed at how well the surgery went for Charles at 73 years old.

He was sitting up without pain within hours after the surgery and walking the next day!

After 7 days in the hospital, Charles came home.

Although I expected him to be in bed for weeks, he walked into his home office and began working on a marketing campaign to tell more and more people about this amazing product!

In my 40+ years involved in natural health and energy medicine I have never before seen a product do so much for so many different people!

I feel like I did 20 years ago!   Charles and I are healthy and happy and looking forward to years and years more of loving our lives and helping others renew their health and energy naturally.

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Call me now at 727-798-8764!
My health coaches and I are standing by to answer your questions and take your orders.

Here’s What Some of My Customers Are Saying:

elainea1“After 100 days eating the Micronized Purple Rice Powder, I have noticed  so many amazing changes including:

-The stinging pain in my feet and ankles is almost gone

-I am sleeping through the night

-My balance issues are gone

-I am feeling fuller for longer

-I was able to cancel cataract surgery. My vision is getting better and my cataracts are getting smaller

-Best of all, my energy levels are way up!!  Yesterday, I out-lasted my 2 1/2 year old grandson at the zoo! I carried him part of the way to my car and had to sing to him on the way home to keep him awake for nap time.

I am enjoying my life with Micronized Purple Rice Powder! Thanks Kare and Charles!”

~Elaine R

2bonnie-278x300-278x300“I haven’t felt this good or had vibrant energy like this since I was in high school!

In my 16 years of doing chiropractic and acupuncture, I have never had a product that I highly recommended to every one of my patients, family members, and friends until now!

–Dr. Bonnie K.

tamara-and-horseI started eating Micronized Purple Rice in March of 2015.  Along with numerous other results, I am now free from the nagging stiffness and pain from being hit by a drunk driver in 1996. I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain ever since. I have had years of chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc. What a relief in such a short time!  I started my main trail horse, Crystal, on the Micronized Purple Rice 4 weeks after she had stepped on a nail.Her appetite and energy levels had decreased … there was no flexion in the left hind pastern, and she was walking on the tip of her hoof.  I made a paste to pack the wound then wrapped it. And then I mixed 2 teaspoons of the purple rice with water and fed it to her in a large syringe. She likes the taste. The day after her first dose, I noticed an increase in her energy level and a softness in her eyes.  One week later, Crystal was moving without hesitation, the swelling was gone, the flexion was back, and she put her foot down completely flat for the first time in 5 weeks! After starting on the purple rice, my 13-year-old rescue dog, Chili, can now go up and down the stairs instead of having to be carried out for every potty break. His hip is improving as well. My Dad turned 80 on August 16th. He has been on Dialysis for 3 years now. I started sending him the purple rice powder 2 months ago. His recent words to me were: “My eyesight and hearing has improved…and I am sleeping better than I have in years!” The benefits of this amazing organic food seem to be endless!

-Tamara B.

rice-eatersAnd you can hear directly from so many other customers in my Facebook Group of more than 30,000 members HERE!


What Exactly is Micronized Purple Rice?

cache_4090116465This is an ancient strain of purple rice grown in a valley in northern Thailand, hand-picked and free from GMOs.  They are able to remove just the nutrients needed to get into the cells and regenerate them.

These nutrients contain all the ancient and perfect polysaccharides (many sugars) and every known polypeptides (amino acids)as well as anthocyanins (super antioxidants which are 1,600 times more potent than blueberries).

It takes 60 pounds of purple rice to get only 1 pound of these nutrients!

And this is the secret to why it works so well, they put these nutrients through a one-of-a-kind milling machine that mills it down to the size of a micron.

Because it is so tiny, it can get into any cell no matter how damaged!

What Form is the Micronized Purple Rice?

You have the choice of powder or capsules. (Or a combination.)


How Much Should I Eat?

For the best results, we typically recommend taking either 1 ½ teaspoons of powder morning and evening or 5 capsules 3 times a day.

Personally, I prefer the powder.  I will mix 1 1/2  teaspoons of powder with 1-2 ounces of room temperature water in a little jar with a lid.  Shake it up.  And drink it in one big gulp.  When taken this way, I believe much of it can enter tight trhough the c ell membranes of your gums, cheeks, throat, esophagus, and stomach before being digested.

How Long Do I Need To Eat This For?

How Long Until I Should See Results?

You body will use this nutrition where it needs it most, first.  Ideally, I recommend that people give this at least 6 months to get in and regenerate your cells, with a minimum commitment of at least 3 months.   For myself, I plan to eat this the rest of my life.

I often tell people, this isn’t a quick fix.  But it is a real fix.  While some people begin noticing changes very quickly, for many it can take some time to notice significant results.  For me,  I didn’t really notice much going on in the first month or so.  It was only because I happened to have blood work scheduled that I knew the difference it was making.

For Charles, while his skin pinked up and he felt better after a few weeks, it was a solid 3 months before we saw changes in his morning blood sugar.

How long did it take your body to get to where it is today?

Can I Eat Too Much?

No.  This is a raw whole food. However, you may go through a detox.

How Does it Taste?

The capsules have no real taste.  They are put into vegetarian gel caps.  The powder has very little taste to it.  It’s just the Micronized Heart of Purple Rice, so it taste a bit like rice.

Is This Organic?

This is a raw, whole food.  There are no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs in the soil or on the rice.

In fact, they even hand-pick and carry the rice out because no trucks are allowed into the fields.  It does not have an official organic label, simply because it is grown in Thailand instead of the US.

This Sounds Amazing! But What is the Cost?

First, let me ask you…How much is your health worth to you? How much have you paid already for doctors visits? Medications? Surgerys? Health insurance?

Would spending $20 a day on your health be worth it to you?

What about $10?  Or $5?

It’s not $20 a day.

It’s not $10 a day.

It’s not even $5.

The Micronized Purple Rice costs less than $5 per day.

That’s less than you’ll spend getting your daily latte at Starbucks.

We work hard to give you the best wholesale prices possible.  Typically when you buy just one bottle, it’s $99.

However, when you buy 2 bottles at a time that drops to the only $65 per bottle.  AND with your first order, we will gift you a 3rd bottle!

So, you’ll get 2 bottles for $130 with a 3rd bottle as our gift to you!

With the first order, we ship it priority mail, which costs $12.  Tax varies from state-to-state.

If you’re doing our recommended serving size of 2 teaspoons a day, you’ll go through those 3 bottles a month.

What if I Want More Than 3 Bottles Initially? Is There Better Pricing?


If you buy 3 bottles at a time, we can get it to you for $169. And with your first order, we will of course still gift you an additional bottle!

If you buy 4 bottles at a time, we can get it to you for $225.  And of course, with your first order, we will gift you an additional bottle!

Alright, I’m Ready! How Do I Order?

order-1bTo place your order, either click the picture to order online or give us a call at 727-798-8764.  My health coaches and I take calls 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm EST.

Is There a Guarantee?

If you order the Micronized Purple Rice and decide it’s not right for you, you can return any unopened bottles for a refund.

How Do I Reorder?

Most people choose to go on an automatic shipment.  This is the easiest way to make sure you don’t run out of the Micronized Purple Rice. When you order 3 or 4 bottles on autoship — your shipping is FREE.   And you can always change this – stop it, add to it, skip a month, etc – at any time!

However, if you prefer you can re-order as you like by giving us a call at 727-798-8764.

Did I Leave Anything Out? Have More Questions?

I am more than happy to answer any additional questions you have.  Feel free to give me a call at 727-798-8764. (Again, my health coaches and I take calls 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm EST. )

Or you can email me directly at kare@highfrequencywellness.com.

Or you can ask in my Facebook Group here: Kare’s Purple Rice Eaters

How would you feel if you woke up after a great night’s sleep, free from pain, ready to go for a great day keeping up with your kids or grandkids?

Are you ready to get started?

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