When an Ancient Heirloom Food Combines with Today’s Microtechnology

Finally! A natural product that can…


  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Helps you feel better and look younger
  • And helps to anti-age you from the inside-out!

All this without drugs or changing your diet!


Check out the details, science, and results below.

The Product


cache_4090116441There is a strain of heirloom purple rice growing in a pristine valley in highly mineralized soils, totally untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMOs; tended by loving hands, watered by clean mountain waters, harvested at their peak perfection and carried out by hand because even trucks are not allowed in this valley in the mountains of Thailand.

This is where our product comes from… TODAY! This is the same purple “forbidden” rice that was only fed to the Emperors of six of the most powerful dynasties…the last being Genghis Kahn whose mighty warriors conquered more territory than anyone in history.

Historical records indicate that much of their strength and power came from the consumption of this same forbidden rice!

This powerful, high- frequency heirloom food is the basis of one of the seven of our leading transformational, functional food products today.

cache_4090116465So How Does This Fountain of Youth Work for Anti-Aging? 
Here’s a quick overview of aging — then we’ll explain how this rice product can turn the lights back on in your cells, your body, your life. Think about how bright and vibrant a young child looks and compare that to the brightness and vibrancy of someone over forty.

Something happens at the cellular level, usually by the late thirties or early forties, which ultimately looks like the “inner dimmer switch” is being turned down and the glow is being greyed out. And so it is for so many of us.

It’s like a battery in a cell phone when it is getting low. Nearly every cell in our bodies have batteries called “mitochondria” which, when they run low, put out less ATP or light energy. cache_4090116548Our batteries need pure fuel to run at maximum capacity.

We all know that our poor quality food, air, and water combined with physical, mental and chemical stressors give our bodies way less than optimal fuels to run on!

The Critical Energy Pandemic

A recent study indicated that more than 80% of the population, including children, is insulin resistant. That means that much of the natural sugars or polysaccharides that are needed to fuel our batteries to create energy and healing cannot even get into our cells!    No fuel, no energy, no light, no regeneration = aging, degeneration, disease, and ultimately death.

Even Worse

Seriously — it gets even worse. Those sugars that cannot get into our cells as fuel for our bodies and minds then float freely in the blood stream and combine with proteins and fats. This is called glycation and it is nothing short of BAD.  When these glycated sugars lodge in the brain they can lead to:

  • Mental and emotional issues
  • In the bloodstream they can cause hardening of the arteries
  • On the skin they cause wrinkling and brown spots
  • And they can lodge anywhere.

Wherever they lodge, aging begins!

 So, Can We Restore the Light Energy to Our Bodies?

Unequivocally, YES.

Here is some of the science behind this Fountain of Youth Product

cache_4090116595Our company puts our patented strains of heirloom purple rice in a one-of-a-kind milling machine which is able to separate only the “sweet spot,” the endosperm.

The endosperm contains all the ancient and perfect polysaccharides (many sugars) and all the polypeptides (many amino acids) as well as the outside royal purple covering of the rice which contains anthocyanins (super antioxidants which are 1600 times more potent than blueberries). This unique milling machine micronizes these very special molecules until they are so very small that they form a highly charged alpha glucan chain that can pass through a cell wall as fuel without having to be digested.

It takes 60 pounds of purple rice to make only one pound of this perfect fountain of youth fuel for our cells! 

And nearly 100% of this amazing functional food can enter the cell and serve as super fuel for pure cellular energy.

Cellular Enlightenment

cache_4093411265Put this purple rice powder in your mouth and it can be immediately delivered to your cells–like  arrows of perfect fuel for the mitochondrial battery … so it can then produce that ATP light energy that is absolutely necessary for health and regeneration.   If you are…

  • Fatigued
  • Have aches and pains
  • Don’t sleep well
  • Are overweight or underweight
  • Catch colds or flues
  • Or just don’t feel and think as well as you used to –your cells may be starving for real fuel.

Every system in your body requires and thrives on ATP light energy.  ATP creates that glow and vitality as each system in your body begins receiving the light energy it needs to power up and function at its highest level! Our patented micronized purple rice is a revolutionary functional food for which your cells have been starving. This fountain of youth functional food is immediately recognized and utilized by the body for immediate cellular energy.   This is the food that can give your body the energy to reverse, repair and regenerate.

Fountain of Youth…Discovered.



greig1“I started sharing the rice almost as soon as I began eating it 10 months ago because of the effects I felt within my own body.

As a naturopath specializing in mind/body and energy psychology, this product supports immunity and cellular intelligence in a way that surpasses anything else. With the rice, there are no contraindications for anyone–no limitations—so I offer it to everybody like you would offer food. I affectionately refer to it as vibrational food for the cells.

I notice 2 things happen for everyone I’ve started on the rice, including myself:

1. Enhanced Immune System

Click here to read the full story. 

aeDeborah Lindemann“I’ve been using the Purple Rice powder product now for 2 months and have already noticed many positive changes to my delight.

I’ve always been very health conscious and aware of how my body feels, so I’ve tried just about every anti-aging product out there. Because of that I felt I was in pretty good health compared to many my age.

I’m 65 and was so grateful to find this product.

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far in just 2 months:

Click here to read the full story…

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My Story

2for webMy cholesterol was way too high and my doctor wanted me to take a statin drug.
I had prided myself on not taking any medications, so I spent several years trying all the natural remedies and diets to lower my cholesterol.

I researched, I read, I took loads of red yeast rice for two years—2-3 times the amount recommended…with absolutely no results.  I religiously took EPA/DHA, garlic, Chinese herbs, and apple cider vinegar…all without even changing my cholesterol level by one point.

Nothing I did worked.

I did all of that and ended up feeling worse off than when I started, because I was so frustrated that my cholesterol levels absolutely did not budge!

A good friend of mine introduced me to a raw, natural product she had been taking for several years. After 30 days I had a blood test and…

My cholesterol had dropped 73 points!

My triglycerides had come down to normal levels!

I have been eating this product for 10 months now and during that time, not only was I able to lower my cholesterol, my energy is like it was 20 years ago, my sleep is deeper and more sound, my skin looks younger, my hair is thicker, my arthritic aches and pains from being a skater when I was younger have gone away, AND 1 year ago, I was told I had Barrett’s Syndrome, a pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus.

Last month, I went to the doctor for my endoscopy.  My Barrett’s is gone! And so is my hiatal hernia!   Now I know there is not 1 solution for everyone, but my husband, Charles actually started taking this the same time I did.  (The friend who introduced this to us, actually was recommending it for Charles and I just started taking it to see how it did for me.)  And his results have been even more amazing than mine!

At the time, Charles was very ill.  I don’t talk about this much, but I honestly didn’t believe he was long for this earth. His skin was yellowish-gray in color, indicative of liver and kidney issues, his blood sugar was out of control.  He’s been diabetic for 35 years and had always managed his blood sugar with food, but because it was so high, his doctor was about to put him on insulin.

And the biggest issue…Charles had a very large tumor on his right kidney, but because he was so ill, his doctor would not operate, saying his chance of surviving the surgery was slim.   Within the first few weeks of eating the rice, his skin went from that yellowish-gray to pink again.

And within 3 months, his morning blood sugars went from over 200 to 110!

I never thought it would be that low again.  Now, his morning blood sugars are regularly between 89 and 120!

Also, his hair went from snow white to salt and pepper, his memory sharpened, and his attitude and energy have increased.   But the real change, is that because he was so much healthier, his doctor decided he was, in fact, a good candidate for surgery.  So, after eating the rice for 8 months or so, on January 2nd, Charles had his right kidney, adrenal gland, and large tumor removed.  And all went very, very well, thank God.   In fact, the doctors were amazed at how well the surgery went for Charles at 73 years old.

He was sitting up without pain within hours after the surgery and walking the next day!

The tumor, which the doctors said was a 98% chance of being malignant, was hard and encapsulated when removed, and therefore nothing else was involved.  We waited for the pathology report–on day 3 we were told they couldn’t identify it and they were sending in on to another pathology department at a large university hospital.

Why could they not identify it?

I believe that in those 9 months, the mass had become transformed, that it had hardened and effectively died.   After 7 days in the hospital, Charles came home.

Although I expected him to be in bed for weeks, he walked into his home office and began working on a marketing campaign to tell more and more people about this amazing product!

After my cholesterol dropped and Charles blood sugar normalized, I knew I had to share this with others!