Tammie Olbeter, 55, of Florida was thrilled when a bloodmobile worker said her plasma was clear, with help from Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR) powder!

“What beautiful plasma you have!” Tammie remembers the woman saying. “It looks like water — you can see through it. That’s really good, because plasma carries your blood through your whole system. Milky means it’s full of cholesterol, but yours is crystal clear.”

“I was already happy with MPR before that, because of my improved blood results and all the other improvements I’d seen,” Tammie relates, “but now, with this super clear plasma, I’m absolutely thrilled with it!”

Tammie and her partner June got started on MPR about a year ago, she recalls. “I’d developed cardiovascular and blood sugar issues, which made me really nervous. I’m getting older, and I don’t want a stroke, or a needle in my arm. And June has kidney and digestive issues. We read about what MPR had done for Kare’s husband, and she spent lots of time talking to us and answering our questions. We researched it a bit more, then decided to try it.”

Tammie and June learned how this powerful food can fuel the body, giving it more energy to repair and regenerate, and that it takes 60 pounds of rare, heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of powerful MPR powder. 

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled to the size of one micron. The smaller the nutrients, the easier it is for them to be absorbed through the cell membrane and fuel the mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy. 

“Lately people have been telling me how great I look,” Tammie says. “They ask what I’ve been doing, and if I’m losing weight. My fingernails are growing faster, too, and I have fewer wrinkles. Also, I’d developed a small bald spot on the top of my head, and it has gone away. I didn’t like that little ‘sun roof’ thing I had going! I kept looking, and one day the spot was gone.”

“We also have all of our dogs on MPR,” she adds. “We have eight older rescue dogs: six chihuahuas, a pit bull mix, and a Rhodesian ridgeback. Two of them are dealing with serious health challenges. We sprinkle MPR on their food, and it’s helping them all to feel so much better.”

“I’m so deeply grateful to Kare for sharing this with us and getting the word out,” Tammie concludes. “I’m really happy with it, and I’m planning to use it for the rest of my life. It’s so easy — just mix a teaspoon with a little water, drink it, and you’re good to go!”

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