Tamara and horseTamara sings a little song as she rides her horse, Crystal, up the trail:
“You can’t be a Beacon if your light don’t Shine…Take a little purple rice, that’s God’s Design…start to Shine, start to Shine, start to Shine!”

“I started eating Purple Rice in March of 2015. On the trails today, I was thinking of all the different ways the Micronized Purple Rice could benefit us. Not only does it recharge, repair, and regenerate our cells, it can be used for wound care (for animals and people) by adding a little water to make a paste as I have been using on my Mare.

Me, my dogs, and my horses are eating and drinking Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice, and we have all had really great results.

I noticed a difference from the very first serving of Micronized Purple Rice I ate – I was calmer in heavy traffic. It felt as if I was going with a current instead of against it, which made it much more enjoyable once I reached my destination. I am really sleeping better, too…no more tossing, turning, and trying to get comfortable for a decent night’s sleep.

cache_4095120599Today, I am also free from the nagging stiffness and pain! In 1996, I was hit by a drunk driver. I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain ever since. I have had years of chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc. What a relief in such a short time.

I am no longer as sensitive to the foods I eat. For the past 10 years I have had bloating, gas, and fatigue after eating. I became gluten free, dairy free, now vegetarian due to so much discomfort. But the purple rice is changing all that! After adding the Micronized Purple Rice to my daily routine, my digestive system is working so much better – the fatigue has decreased and I am really feeling good again!

In 2012, I was diagnosed with diabetes along with my high blood pressure and high triglycerides. I had blood work done only 1 month after starting PR–my cholesterol and LDL had dropped 10 points…and my Triglycerides dropped 9 points! And I continue to notice more and more changes in my body….my hair is even getting thicker!

I started my main trail horse, Crystal, on the Micronized Purple Rice 4 weeks after she had stepped on a nail. Her appetite and energy levels had decreased … there was no flexion in the left hind pastern, and she was walking on the tip of her hoof.

I made a paste to pack the wound, then wrapped it. And then I mixed 2 teaspoons of the purple rice with water and fed it to her in a large syringe. She likes the taste. The day after her first dose, I noticed an increase in her energy level and a softness in her eyes.

One week later, Crystal was moving without hesitation, the swelling was gone, the flexion was back, and she put her foot down completely flat for the first time in 5 weeks!

The benefits of this amazing organic food seem to be endless!

My animals are my extended family. So happy this amazing rice has worked so quickly in making Crystal feel better. I know it will take time before she is back on the trails, but I look forward to seeing even more benefits while continuing to use the PR externally and internally on Crystal.

I carry a first aid kit in my saddle bags. Micronized Purple Rice is a must on the trails now – a little water and purple magic over a wound or yellow jacket bite. Yahoo! What a versatile food.

I have developed the Healing with Horses Program and the Horse Companion Program, contributed in horse clinics and workshops, and held the first American Competitive Trail Horse Competition in the state of Washington. And although my main line of work is in Energy Medicine, horses play a great part in my work. To me the horse is about freedom, healing and transformation. I continue to see the same results over and over. Horses Change Lives … And now I have found that Micronized Purple Rice changes lives, too.

I feel so Blessed to have found this amazing Micronized Purple Rice!”
-Tamara B.

cache_4095120607My cat has never eaten as well as she does now.

If I forget to put the PR in, she doesn’t finish her food.

She loves it. She is much more perky and she is 12 years old.

–Jessie S.

I mixed up some PR and put on my donkey’s sores that he had on all his joints from being down with bad feet (he’s 26), and they healed up within a week. And he stands all day going to and from pasture. I also sprinkled it on his oats/Bute for pain. –Sue P.