Dog Testimonials

I am overjoyed with the results of the Purple Rice with Maxx and Pearl. First, I had been struggling with diarrhea with both of them since the puppy stage. They seemed to be very sensitive and any supplements to try and correct the issue just caused it to get worse. Since eating the rice, the problem is solved!

As they were approaching 2 years old I was surprised to see them start to slow down and not play as much. The mornings of them chase each other through the yard was gone as they rarely wanted to go outside. The evenings watching them being close and doing things like chewing on the same toy had come to an end.

Now with the rice all of the playful, loving puppy stage is back! They spend a great deal of time outside playing chase and tug of war. It is a joy to see them being happy and playful once again. Priceless!!

Pearl is a White German Sheppard and Maxx is a Bernese Mountain Dog.


My anti-aging dog Missy! I put purple rice in a salt shaker and add it to her wet food. She’s only 7 pounds so doesn’t need much.

She is breathing better, and her seasonal allergies of runny eyes and itching are gone, and so are her cataracts.

She had a lump on her chest – it’s gone, too. It’s amazing how fast animals respond. Missy is 10 and has been playing the last few days. -Bonnie K

DOG _Lori-LeachMy dog, Riley, has been on purple rice since May 7.

Look how his color has changed.

His muzzle, ears and forehead are getting darker like when he was a puppy. -Lori L.

DOG_Tamara-Young-Beamon_ChiliAfter starting on the purple rice, my 13-year-old rescue dog, Chili, can now go up and down the stairs instead of having to be carried out for every potty break. His hip is improving as well. From what I am experiencing with my animals, the rice is helping quickly. My dogs have been taking it for 3 months.

This is what I think: Since our dogs and horses only drink water and we try to feed them mostly organic foods, the rice affects their bodies quickly. Not having as many toxins, GMOs, etc. to flush out of their systems, the process begins quickly. -Tamara B.

Falina loves Purple Rice! All three of my Papillions do! She’s my princess!

She’s a sweet old lady now. I’m working hard to improve her health.

It’s so good to have something I know is nourishing them at a level beyond what anything else ever has! -Heidi S.


I give my 12-year-old Maltese purple rice 2x a day every day.

She still looks and acts like a youngster.

-Suzen F.

DOG_KaresGranddaughter_ChampOur granddaughter’s 16-year-old dachshund Champ had the worst breath and severe digestive issues for years before eating Micronized Purple Rice.

Cataracts had blinded him years earlier, so carrying him outside and waiting and waiting for him to go to the bathroom was taking its toll on the family.

Within a few weeks of sprinkling the micronized rice on his food, his bad breath cleared up and so did his digestive issues. Even his cataracts cleared up a bit.

-Kare P.

My Tinker’s eyes are so clear that I’m not seeing the typical black matter that mini-schnauzers get.

It just went away!

Also, a cyst on her leg that the vet wanted to remove surgically has completely gone away!

-Saloma M.

I’m feeding the PR to my 9-year-old Docker.

He is bouncing around like a puppy.

-Mari D.

DOG _Karin wallinI’m loving all the fur-kid pictures and testimonials!

I feed it to Oliver, my 20-month-old Chi-Papillon rescue and Sisqo, my 14-year-old pom.

Oliver seems much more calm and confident, even took a treat from someone he didn’t know yesterday at the Garden Center, and doesn’t bark as much.

-Karin W.