“After 100 days eating the Micronized Purple Rice Powder, I have noticed so many amazing changes!…

The neuropathy in my feet and ankles is almost gone – only itty bitty dings on the soles of my feet – and my ankles are getting feeling back!

I can walk without looking like I am tipsy because my balance issues are gone!

I have realized that eating the PR Powder is replacing my need to eat. Yesterday, I ate one meal in the evening. This is huge for me – I used to graze all day long.

My craving for chocolate is gone. I can look at an unopened bar of Ritter milk chocolate with hazelnuts and have no desire to tear into it.

I take 2 tsp just before bedtime and sleep through the night!

My vision is getting better and my cataracts are getting smaller! My eye doctor wanted to do cataract surgery and I was able to cancel the appointment earlier this month. I rarely wear my glasses in-doors now (though I still need them to read street signs and such).

Best of all, my energy levels are way up!! Yesterday, I out lasted my 2 1/2 year old grandson at the zoo! I carried him part of the way to my car and had to sing to him on the way home to keep him awake for nap time.

Last week, I spent most of the day with my 2 granddaughters (ages 9 and 6) seeing a movie and then going to jump on trampolines. We had so much fun and Mama got to rest (granddaughter #3 arrived a couple weeks ago).

I am enjoying my life with Micronized Purple Rice Powder! Thanks Kare and Charles!!”

Elaine Ribordy