Sharon Helms, 62, of West Virginia has seen a big improvement in her overactive thyroid and resultant heartbeat irregularities, with help from Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR) powder!

“It was scary when I first discovered about 10 years ago that I had an immune disorder that results in overactive thyroid,” Sharon recalls. “It was causing heartbeat irregularities and all kinds of other problems in my body.”

“The doctors wanted to either remove my thyroid or give me a radioactive pill to destroy it,” she says, “but either way I’d be on thyroid medication the rest of my life.”

“At one point they gave me a prescription,” she adds, “but after reading the long list of side effects, I threw it in the trash. I was not about to have my liver destroyed.”

With help from a natural doctor, Sharon was able to keep her symptoms at bay for a few years, she says. “But then a couple years ago it got bad again, and I was hospitalized.”

“Not long after that, I found MPR online while researching natural health solutions. I read about how it had helped others with similar conditions.”

Sharon learned how this powerful food can fuel the body, giving it more energy to repair and regenerate, and that it takes 60 to 100 pounds of rare, heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of powerful MPR powder.

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled to the size of one micron. The smaller the nutrients, the easier it is for them to be absorbed through the cell membrane and fuel the mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy.

“After reading the many testimonials on Kare’s site, I knew I had to try MPR. I liked that it’s all natural, with no chemicals, because I try to keep toxic substances out of my body.”

“I’ve been on MPR and off my meds for about a year now,” Sharon says, “and I haven’t had anymore heartbeat irregularities. My thyroid levels are good, and my doctor told me, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, keep it up.’ My blood panels, everything is much better.”

“Plus I used to have painful arthritis in my right hand,” she says, “with a knot on my pointer finger. The knot is gone now, and I haven’t had any pain for months.”

“I also noticed the bunions on my feet are shrinking and don’t hurt anymore,” she adds. “I have some shoes I couldn’t wear before because of them, but now I can. I’m so glad I won’t have to have my bunions surgically removed!”

“I have more energy now, and I feel so much better overall,” she says. “I haven’t been doing anything else besides having my MPR three times a day, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water.”

“With my thyroid condition improving,” she adds, “my whole body is getting better in many ways. Overactive thyroid really does a number on you. My fingernails were always split and cracked before, but now they’re out past the tips of my fingers!”

“I’ve also noticed that on the back of my hands, I had a lot of dark spots before — my mom called them liver spots — and they’re almost gone now.”

“I’m so glad I found MPR and made the decision to start using it,” Sharon concludes. “I tell everyone about it now, every chance I get!”


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