Janice McMillian Greene, 44, of Maryland has seen major health improvements thanks to Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR) powder — and so have her teen daughter and son!

After learning about MPR from a church friend, Janice decided to order it to see if it might help her daughter Nasia, 16, with her learning disability and depression.

Janice learned how this powerful food can fuel the body, giving it more energy to repair and regenerate, and that it takes 60 pounds of rare, heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of powerful MPR powder.

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled to the size of one micron. The smaller the nutrients, the easier it is for them to be absorbed through the cell membrane and fuel the mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy.

“Nasia’s reading comprehension was low due to a learning disability,” Janice relates. “Well, with help from MPR, her reading has gone from second grade level to ninth! Her writing has dramatically improved as well, and she’s been on honor roll twice. Her depression and mood swings have improved, too. Also, her hair grew thicker and healthier, and her skin is really healthy and clear now.”

“My son Warren, who’s 14, also started on MPR recently,” Janice says. “He has a mood anxiety disorder, but he’s gotten quite a bit calmer since he’s been using it.”

“My own health is much improved, too!” she beams. “My sleep is better, and I feel like I’m 20 again. My knee pain is gone, and I can run upstairs now. I’ve lost weight, too — about 15 pounds! My hair, skin, and nails look much better, and I’ve been getting compliments from people saying I look younger. My acid reflux and colon issues have improved as well.”

“I haven’t even had a cold since starting on MPR, and I can’t wait to see what it does in a year,” Janice concludes. “Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful food you created, and thank you God for using Kare to share what you have put on earth for us!”


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