Are you living in fear? Many of us, especially women, tend to be people pleasers, and live our lives in fear of upsetting others or “rocking the boat.”

Most of the fear we experience comes from our physiology. We’re designed to be able to react to danger instantly — our fight or flight mechanism is built right into our brains. But in our modern world, things are a lot more complex, and many of us live in fear a lot of the time. 

Kare's Purple Rice - Moving Through Fear into Love and LightHowever, I believe that with a spiritual awakening, we can override that biological fear and be at peace in our bodies.

I once read that all fears boil down to fear of death. Fear of losing a job, fear of being ill, fear of lacking money, fear of being unloved — all boil down to fear of death. 

But what if, instead of being a body with a soul, we were a soul (energetic being) driving around a body? If you look at our bodies through the analogy of a car, well, if your car died, you’d still live on. Maybe you’d get a new car, or maybe you’d ride a bicycle for a while or take the bus. Or walk!

Well, dear one, I can tell you, we ARE energetic beings. And the way to heal our bodies is from the inside, not the outside. Part of the healing process is overriding our fear so that we can fully feel the joy and love that surrounds us.

Kare's Purple Rice - Moving through fear into love and lightThat’s such a relief, isn’t it? There’s no need to live in fear, because our energy lives on forever and is part of an infinite pool of unconditional love, which many of us earthbound people perceive as God. At least, that’s what Anita Moorjani says, and I tend to agree.

In her New York Times bestseller, Dying to Be Me, author and speaker Anita Moorjani tells of her near-death experience and subsequent miraculous healing from terminal lymphoma. 

She had been wracked with cancer for four years and had lemon-sized tumors from her neck down to her abdomen, along with open wounds leaking toxins. Doctors told her family her organs were shutting down and she was in her final hours.

During the time she was in a coma, Anita perceived the true reality surrounding us. She could see and hear everything, even her brother in India getting on a plane to come say goodbye to her in Hong Kong.

She communicated with her deceased father and her friend while she was under. They told her it was not her time to die. With this knowledge, she was able to go back into her body, wake up from her coma, and then miraculously heal her cancer by completely letting go of all her fear. In just weeks, she was out of the hospital and on her way to complete recovery!

Her book tells of her heightened awareness in that expanded realm during her 36-hour coma, which she says felt more like months or even years.

When it comes to your body, is it really even “your” body? Just during the time it’s taking you to read this article, millions or even billions of new cells are being born in your body, and about the same amount are dying off. 

AND, scientists estimate that each person’s body has about 10 times as many bacteria cells as human cells — so you are actually more bacterium than human!

Who’s to even say where one person ends and the next one begins? We perceive ourselves as a “skin-encapsulated ego,” but that’s an illusion, as the philosopher Alan Watts said. We’re all interconnected in so many ways.

We may not always know just why we as individuals are here on earth in physical form, but one thing we can be sure of is that we are privileged to be driving these exquisite bodies of ours. These magnificent creations deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect. They are indeed our temples.

Kare's Purple Rice - Moving Through Fear into Love and LightOne thing I find fascinating about eating and sharing Micronized Purple Rice is that our energetic bodies improve just as much as do our physical bodies. But when you think about it, it makes total sense. This is the only food I know of that is like food was 2000 years ago—then micronized small enough to enter through our damaged cell membranes to fuel our cellular batteries to produce ATP.  ATP is physical Light Energy!  This is food for the Light Beings that we are.

I’ve seen so much spiritual growth as well as physiological healing in people eating Micronized Purple Rice. Our biological organisms respond to it like nothing I’ve ever seen. I think the spiritual growth and physical healing that so many are experiencing go hand in hand, and work together toward our enlightenment.

Moving through fear into love and light — it just makes sense.

Does it make sense to you too? Let me know in the comments. <3