After having had two liver transplants, Emma Birch, 61, of Ohio won four medals in swimming this summer at the Transplant Games of America, with help from Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR).

The Transplant Games, which feature sporting events for organ recipients and live donors, were held in Cleveland in June.

Emma won gold medals for the 100-yard and 50-yard breaststroke, silver in the 100-yard backstroke, and silver for breaststroke in the medley relay.

“I’ve been sick most of my adult life,” Emma says, “after getting hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in my twenties. I also am diabetic and suffered from fibromyalgia. But finally, at age 61, I’m well on my way to good health again, thanks to MPR!”

“My goal is to participate in the World Games in Spain next June,” she adds, “and if my health continues to improve, I’d like to eventually compete in the Senior Olympics as well.”


“I’d gone through liver failure twice,” Emma says, “and had a liver transplant in 2007 and then another one in 2008. They were back to back, within nine months. The second donor liver almost didn’t come through in time — but thank goodness it did.”

“I did what I could to try to stay healthy,” she adds, “but hep C attacks the liver, and as I aged, my liver problems worsened.”

Emma was eating a super-healthy diet, trying to help her liver last as long as possible and hoping a cure would become available, she recalls. 

“I’ve subsequently cleared the virus from my body using new drugs,” she says. 


“I’d been following Kare’s health and wellness blog,” Emma says, “looking for ways to help improve my health. I learned about MPR powder there.”

“I first ordered right after Kare got started on MPR,” Emma remembers. “I started feeling better almost immediately. I could tell a difference in my energy, and I was sleeping better.”

Emma learned how this powerful food can fuel the body, giving it more energy to repair and regenerate, and that it takes 60 pounds of rare, heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of powerful MPR powder.

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled so fine that its concentrated nutrients can be absorbed through the cell membrane, where they can fuel our mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy.

“I’d been taking immune suppressors to keep my body from rejecting the new liver,” Emma relates, “and my copays were costing me a lot of money. I struggled financially during that time, so I’d go on and off the purple rice. I’d refer someone and get a free bottle, then have to go without for a while.”

“But this past spring,” she says, “I was able to start using it regularly again when I started training for the Games. In the meantime, my cholesterol had jumped up, so I was glad to get back on MPR. My cholesterol then dropped from 270-something down to 230-something after using it again for a month. So now, I’m determined to find a way to stay on it!”



Emma has had to deal with numerous health issues since her twenties, she says, including not just hepatitis C, but also fibromyalgia and diabetes.

“I’d always been a very active person before getting sick,” she says. “I had four kids at home, I worked full time and went to school full time, and I was a single parent. But I was so tired I could barely function, so I was really concerned.” 

“I used to be bedridden for days with fibromyalgia pain,” she adds, “and when a front was coming in, I’d ache all over, like a truck had hit me. But now, that inflammation is gone. I haven’t even had a headache in nearly two years!”

“Even having been a diabetic for 10 years, I have no symptoms of diabetes,” she says. “My eyes are perfectly healthy, I don’t have any neuropathy, and my circulation is good. I’m able to keep my A1C down around 6.2, and I’ve even had it as low as 5.8.”

“When you’re a diabetic, not only is eating right important, and giving your body the nourishment and sleep it needs, but you also have to exercise, because it’s really important for keeping your blood sugar down. MPR helps me have the energy to keep up with my exercising.” 

“My blood sugars have also stabilized, thanks to MPR,” she adds. “Up until last November I’d been able to go off insulin altogether. That was huge! I had my energy back, and I was doing hip-hop line dancing five days a week for exercise. But then I fell and hurt my knee, and had to stop for a while and rehab it.”

“They gave me cortisone shots in my knee,” she says, “and that messed up my blood sugars again. So I had to go back on insulin because of that.”

“My doctor is now recommending a knee replacement for that knee because my kneecap is shot,” Emma says. “I’m hoping it will be healed by next June, so I can swim in the World Games in Spain.”

“MPR helped a lot with my training for the U.S. Games,” Emma relates. “Thanks to MPR and eating right, I was full of energy to work out and swim. I was working out six days a week, right up to when the games started.”


After starting on MPR, Emma says, she started seeing a lot of improvements.

“My eyebrows grew back,” she says, “and my hair got a lot thicker. My hairdresser even said, ‘Are you doing something new? Your hair is so thick!’ It had been falling out by the handful before, especially with all the meds I’m on. Now I can run my hands through my hair, and I don’t have a bunch falling out like before.”

Her vision has improved as well, Emma relates.

“I had cataracts at a young age, because I spent a lot of time at the pool and in the sun,” she says. “I had to have the cataracts removed in December, but I don’t need to wear glasses now.”


“I’ve been giving a few sprinkles of MPR to my cat, Kitty Boo,” Emma relates. “He’s 15, but he’s been acting like he’s 8 again! He’s diabetic, and I’ve finally been able to get his blood sugars stabilized. He’d dropped from 22 pounds clear down to 9 when he first got diabetes. Now he’s back up to a healthy weight again.”

“I started giving him MPR about a year ago, and now his coat is thick, his eyes are shiny, and he’s playing like a much younger kitty. I can’t believe how much he’s improved!” Emma says.

Emma’s other cat, Punkin, is 12 now and is not on MPR yet, she says, “but if his fur starts falling out or I see that he’s not doing so well, I’ll start giving it to him right away.”


Emma belongs to a group called “Life After Hepatitis C,” she says.

“We explore things that help get our health back,” she relates, “and I’ve been sharing MPR with everyone. I tell them about how it helps you feel better as you heal. I’ve witnessed it and felt the improvements, and I love to share my experience with people who are looking for ways to feel better!”

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