Crystal Gilbert, 53, of Tennessee felt awful for a long time due to a tick-borne bacterial infection. But now she’s experiencing not just better physical health, but also improved mental, emotional, and even spiritual health, with help from Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR) powder!

“For several years I’d had a number of unexplained symptoms,” Crystal says, “like heart arrhythmia, kidney trouble, and lots of aches and pains. The arrhythmia was keeping me awake at night and making me feel like I was having a heart attack.”

“Well, after about three or four years of feeling worse and worse,” she says, “I finally had a blood test and discovered that I’d been suffering from a bacterial infection all that time.”

“The doctors weren’t helping much,” she recalls, “and over the years I tried many different concoctions to try to improve my health — but I still felt poorly, so I kept looking.”


“Then, about six months ago,” she says, “after seeing Kare on one of her live videos on Facebook, I started on Micronized Purple Rice powder.” 

“To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t have all that much confidence in MPR because it doesn’t have a lot of fancy ingredients,” Crystal recalls. “It’s just a simple and very pure food, with only one ingredient — the micronized hearts of heirloom purple rice grains.”

Crystal learned how this powerful food can fuel the body, giving it more energy to repair and regenerate, and that it takes 60 pounds of rare, heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of powerful MPR powder.

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled to the size of one micron. The smaller the nutrients, the easier it is for them to be absorbed through the cell membrane and fuel the mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy.

“Usually when I try something new,” she says, “I’ll quit if I don’t see results right away. But for some reason, I was very consistent with this. I never missed a day. I just knew in my heart that it would help me.”


“I didn’t feel any different after the first month or so,” Crystal remembers, “but after two or three months I started noticing I had more energy than before.”

“Then one day I noticed my feet weren’t hurting anymore,” she says. “I used to get up in the morning and could barely walk. But one day I got up and my feet weren’t hurting anymore — I wasn’t shuffling like a 90-year-old woman!”

“We live on 30 acres and have a huge garden,” she adds, “so feeling more energy and being able to get around better is a huge help. I also have a lot of hobbies, including woodcarving, reupholstering furniture, and sewing, so it’s great to be able to keep up with everything again!”


“Mentally, I feel much clearer,” Crystal relates. “My mind is no longer foggy, and I can think more clearly.”

“I’d had quite a bit of emotional trauma in the last three or four years,” she relates, “and that may have added to my elevated cortisol levels due to stress. I think MPR has helped me to improve in those areas as well. I seem to be much calmer now.”

“I’ve also noticed a big difference in how I feel in a spiritual sense,” she says. “Since I’ve been using MPR I feel much more open and better able to hear things from God. I believe the MPR has had a big part in that.”


“I’d been thinking about the progress I’ve made and how much better I feel these days,” Crystal says.

“Well, I recently learned that dark purple fruits and veggies have a higher concentration of monatomic gold in them,” she says, “so that made me wonder if MPR does as well. It’s kind of my own little theory here, and I’m very excited about it. That may be part of why MPR helps our bodies so much!”

“And the thing about monatomic gold possibly being part of purple rice is that it is in the form that God intended — as part of a pure, healthy, natural food that has all the things our bodies need to become balanced again.”

“So, if that’s the case, then it’s a very safe way to ingest monatomic gold,” she says, “whereas if you’re taking synthetic, manmade monatomic gold, you don’t really know what you’re getting or if it will be absorbable, or even safe. So to be able to have it in a food form is ideal. We can’t improve on what God has provided for us.”


“My mom told me she’d noticed I had gone from gray hands and face to looking so pink and healthy now,” Crystal relates, “and my skin is glowing. In the past my skin and hair had always been so dry. Well, after a couple months on MPR they weren’t dry anymore and looked much healthier. Even the wrinkles on my face have improved!”

“I’m very excited with the results I’ve gotten,” she adds. “I’m completely blown away with this very simple product — and the older I get, the more I realize that the simpler something is, the more perfect it is.”

“It’s hard to improve on good clean water and a source of uncontaminated food that you’re putting in your body — we just don’t have that available now because most of our food supply is so devitalized.”

“Good nutrition is really the key,” Crystal concludes. “You can’t supplement your way to good health. MPR is not fancy, and there’s not a lot of bells and whistles to it. It’s just a really pure, clean, simple food — and it’s so wonderful what it does for you. I would never be without it!”


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