Julio and Roxana Flores are on a mission to help the Hispanic community of southern California get healthy with Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR).

“We want to share this with everyone!” beams Julio. “Health is the most important kind of wealth a person can have. When you start to lose it, that’s when you start to realize how priceless it really is.”

Julio, 67, and Roxana, 60, live in Simi Valley, near Los Angeles.

Roxana first discovered Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice through a Facebook ad a few months ago, she says.

“I saw Kare’s ad on Facebook, then got interested and went to her website (www.karespurplericeproducts.com) and read through all the testimonials. The MPR helps people in so many ways — animals, too! I even read about a horse that was helped by it!”

While doing her research, Roxana learned it takes 60 pounds of heirloom purple rice from Thailand to make just one pound of this powerful food.

The most nutritious part of the purple rice grains is extracted and milled so fine that its concentrated nutrients can be absorbed through the cell membrane, where they can fuel the mitochondria (cellular batteries), which then produce ATP, or pure light energy. The cells are then recharged, repaired, and regenerated.

After giving it a lot of thought, Roxana says, they decided to try the MPR. She called Kare’s health coach line, 727-798-8764, to order.

“We’d always been very active,” Roxana says, “but I’d noticed that we didn’t have as much energy as we used to, so I was looking for something that could help with that. I had my own business, where I’d work from 5 o’clock in the morning until midnight, and Julio was always super busy working, too.”

Roxana became very worried about Julio, she says, when he started experiencing problems with drowsiness during the day.

“I saw my husband falling asleep everywhere,” she explains. “He’d turn on the TV to watch the news, and two seconds later he’d be asleep. We’d go to the movies, and he’d fall asleep in the theater.”

Before starting on the MPR, she says, “I was tired all the time, too. I was dragging my feet so badly at work, and even when I took a nap, I never felt rested.”

“Now we’re no longer tired all the time,” Roxana says, “thanks to the MPR. I get home from work and start doing things around the house like waxing the floors, things that I haven’t done in a long time.”

Julio is much more active again as well, she says, and is no longer drowsy during the day.

“I feel tired at bedtime now,” Julio explains, “but it’s more of a normal kind of tired, rather than being exhausted.”

“Once we started on the MPR,” Roxana says, “we were both able to sleep the whole night through and wake up refreshed. We were so amazed at the difference! Deep sleep, too. We started feeling so good and rested when we woke up.”

Roxana has a history of high blood pressure, she says.

“Whenever I’d get stressed it would go way up — as high as 160/90 — and I’d have migraines. I wasn’t able to sleep at night, and I felt like I was burning up. At first I thought it was hot flashes, but it was my blood pressure.”

“My sister is a doctor, so I talk to her a lot on the phone. She told me I need to control that, because almost everybody in my family has it. I haven’t had any more high blood pressure episodes since I started eating the MPR, though!”

“My migraines have also been reduced by about 80 percent so far,” she adds. “These days there are many days where I wake up with no headache, and I go all day long without one.”

The Floreses also report a dramatic improvement in Julio’s eyesight!

“The doctor told me I was beginning to get glaucoma,” Julio says.

“He always had 20/20 vision,” Roxana says, “but a few years ago he needed to get reading glasses. Then a few weeks ago, his eyes started bothering him, and he couldn’t see well with them on anymore. They were giving him a headache, so he tried reading without them — and he could read just fine!”

Roxana says she has also noticed that Julio is walking much better now.

“He had major surgery as the result of an accident many years ago,” she explains, “and the doctors said he was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But he spent a year in rehabilitation and was able to walk again. He has a metal femur, and as a result he still often has a lot of pain, especially when it’s cold out, but I’ve noticed he’s walking a lot better since we’ve been on the purple rice.”

“Besides that,” she adds, “he has polymyalgia rheumatica, an inflammatory disorder that causes pain and stiffness. He was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago. He couldn’t even get up for a while there — my two sons would have to come and pull him out of bed. But he’s doing great now, and walking a lot better.”

Roxana says her skin is looking better these days, too.

“I already had very good skin, with no wrinkles, but my daughter pointed out one day that my facial skin is changing — it’s getting plumper, tighter, softer. I can really see a difference now!”

“Everybody needs to eat MPR,” Roxana says, “including young people. We have two young adult sons, Aaron and Gianni, who are high-functioning autistic and will be starting to eat it in a couple weeks. Our daughters, Andrea and Yossi, will be eating MPR soon as well.”

The Floreses also have five dogs over the age of 10, all of whom are benefitting from eating a quarter teaspoon of MPR per day, Roxana says.

“Being elderly dogs,” she says, “they’ve had a lot of serious health problems. Louis was paralyzed in February of last year but is walking again, and Paige has tumors in her jaw which have gotten smaller.”

“Our dog Jeremiah, 11, used to have seizures, but hasn’t had any for weeks now. All of a sudden in the middle of the night you’d hear him screaming and it would wake me up, and scared me really bad. Since he started eating the MPR he has not had any seizures.”

“And Chachi has heart disease and was losing weight, but now is feeling better and has gotten back up to his normal 11 pounds,” Roxana says.

“Shelby, our oldest dog, will be 15 this year,” Roxana adds, “and she is now much more active and full of energy. Just taking a quarter teaspoon a day has made a huge difference in all our dogs’ health!”

Julio is excited about sharing MPR with the Spanish-speaking community in their area, he says, and he has started translating Kare’s book into Spanish.

“We have a big Spanish-speaking community here in southern California,” he says, “and they haven’t heard much about MPR yet, but many of them are very much into natural products.”

“In the late 1990s I worked at a social research company for the health department,” he says, “and I found that a lot of people were complaining about the U.S. health care system, and how there was no emphasis on prevention.”

“I interviewed people from all over, from the slums to the Malibu hills, and nobody trusted the system. It was just drugs, drugs, and more drugs, and a lot of people were looking for more natural solutions. It was an eye opener.”

“This really made an impression on me that people in the Hispanic community could be helped with natural solutions such as MPR. That’s the motivation that has led me to get involved with helping people in my community to learn about how eating this natural food can help them.”

“I’d also like to start a team in Argentina, Chile, and Peru,” Julio adds.

“I wouldn’t have taken that step if it hadn’t been for the excellent results we’ve been having with eating MPR,” he concludes. “I put my name on the line, so I wanted to make sure it was the best thing available to help people improve their health. And it is!”

To hear from others who are eating the rice, join our Facebook Group here: www.facebook.com/groups/karespurplericeeaters