Charles and I send you Heartfelt Blessings for your healthiest New Year yet…filled with outrageous joy!

Blessings for your health from Kare and CharlesThis past year has been filled with insights that have changed my whole belief system about health and wellness.  With Charles’ health returning from near death to vibrant wellness and mine from exhaustion and pain to feeling like I did 30 years ago — we have managed to turn back the clock on illness and aging. 

And we have been busier than ever before sharing that information with our family and friends and anyone else who was seeking answers for their energy and health issues. 

And do you know what?  I think I have touched more people and helped them restore their health—than in all my  40+ years in natural healing and energy medicine put together.

My biggest blessing for you—

The biggest blessing I have to offer you to reverse your aging and all the symptoms and pain that goes along with it — comes in a small package of food that is like food was 2,000 years ago … a recently discovered heirloom strain of a royal purple rice that was fed to the Emperors, but forbidden to the commoners for fear it would give them too much energy and long life!

My biggest AH HA of the year —

Our cells have become so damaged that you can eat the best diet and take the very best supplements and most of those nutrients just don’t get through your damaged cell membranes to fuel the cell’s batteries!


Because our cell membranes are hardened and resistant.  So we eat and eat and get fatter and fatter and our cells are still starving for the vital nutrients to make them function the way they were meant to! 

So many people are consciously researching and doing everything healthy they know how to do, and sadly are still tired and aging.  That was Charles and me, too, before our discovery of this amazing food.

Why did the Purple Rice work when everything else failed?

This works because just the vital heirloom nutrients have been removed from the royal rice and then milled down to the size that can enter through our damaged cell membranes and fuel our starving cells.  It is that simple and pure.

Every single day this past year, Charles and I have focused on how to get this message out to you and the multitudes of people who are searching for answers for their health and well-being. 

We have never worked harder in our lives.  And although we have touched thousands…we have just begun…and we have a whole cadre of people who are sharing their health success stories with everyone they know.  

You can read more about it on OUR WEBSITE HERE.

And also in our special Facebook Group HERE of more than 11,000 who are posting what is happening to them personally as they eat this Micronized Purple Rice.

And as of this last week—you can finally order online — here:

May your New Year be blessed with health and happiness like you have never know it before. 

I look forward to talking with you. 

And if you are already eating this amazing food with us — thank you for your trust —and may your new-found energy fuel your dreams and your health. 

Blessings for a New Year of health and outrageous joy! <3