free MPR for sharing

Charles and I give away more than 100 bottles of Micronized Purple Rice a month!

Are you getting your free bottles? 

Did you know that when you tell your friends about it— and they call or order online and tell me YOU told them about it… I will send YOU a free bottle of purple rice to say thanks for helping us to get the message out.

When you first ordered, I sent you 3 of my little books and articles for you to read and share.

If you would like more of my books — email me at and tell me how many friends you would like to share with.

Do you love the purple rice so much you are telling everyone about it? Did you know that you could be a distributor? If you would like more information about that call me at 727-262-0880.

Either way – Please share this amazing food with those you know could benefit from it. 

It feels so good to watch your friends and family feel better. 

I would love the next few bottles of rice that I send out be TO YOU.