Gale Kimble, 59 suffered for several years with acid reflux (GERD) so bad that her throat, mouth, and lips turned red and chapped…”It was debilitating, but that is in the past now, thanks to Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice.”

“My gastroenterologist put me on a prescription which cost more than $170 a month, and that was breaking me,” she says. “I was using it along with antacids I’d buy at the store, but I still had to watch everything I ate. I couldn’t eat tomatoes or anything with acid, even though I was taking this expensive medication.”

Two weeks after she started on Micronized Purple Rice, Gale forgot to take her medication. “Usually what reminded me to take it was I’d feel the pain, and go ‘Oh yeah, I need to take my medicine,’” she explains.

“Even ON the medicine my pain was never completely gone. But after eating Micronized Purple Rice, I just didn’t think about taking my medicine because I was feeling so much better.”

“I mean, two weeks! I never would have thought anything would happen that quickly. But it did for me.”

Over the next few months, Gale also noticed longer eyelashes and stronger fingernails. “My facial skin is a lot tighter, too,” she says. “My pores are smaller and my face is a lot smoother.”

Her blood work showed big improvements, as well. “My cholesterol dropped nearly 60 points, from 260 down to 202. I can’t wait to see what it drops to next time!”

The Purple Rice has helped her husband, Kevin’s digestive issues, too. “I’ve even noticed that his beard has gotten much darker as well,” Gale adds.

Gale’s story is just one example of how people can save money while improving their health eating the Micronized Purple Rice. Besides no longer needing expensive medications, some people even save by not having to get new glasses, thanks to improved vision. Others save on dental bills because they are experiencing less plaque on their teeth. And most people are cutting back the number of supplements they take!

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