Cellular Enlightenment

Light Up Your Cells With A Brilliant New Food

When someone is truly healthy – they glow – and you can see it.

That is really Light shining from their cells!

mitochondriaAt the center of each cell is the cell’s battery – called the mitochondria. 

When fully charged, the mitochondria produces Light Energy called ATP. Physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual health comes from this Light. 

It is life energy! 

It is Cellular Enlightenment!

Are Your Lights On?

Are you glowing with health? Would you like to be?

The problem is that as most people age – it’s as if someone has hit the dimmer switch on the cell’s battery. 

I’ll tell you how and why this happens in a minute. But first let me tell you this…

I’ve found a brilliant healthy way to turn the lights back on in your body, mind, and spirit!

It is a raw, heirloom food that has had its potent nutrients extracted and milled down to the size of a micron in a one-of-kind $3 million milling machine – making these nutrients so small that they can enter any cell, no matter how damaged or insulin resistant!

This is major!


Because our cells are now so damaged that most nutrients cannot even get in.

Eaten in a powder or capsule form, when these nutrients enter the cell and fuel the mitochondria – the cells literally light up with energy and the results are miraculous.

ATP Light Energy from the cells cause the cells to function at a higher energy level – a higher frequency – so everything begins to work better!

The cells begin to function better than they have in years.

The organs and systems function better.

The nerves function better.

The muscles and tissues function better.

The brain functions better.

The cells replicate better and reproduce healthier new cells.

And the body heals itself.

Focus, memory, clarity, and intuition improves.

Balance, peace, and harmony returns.


glow again with cellular enlightenmentWant to glow again?

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Want more details?

I told you I’d share more about how and why we age, so let me do that now. 

Around age 40, the production of ATP energy is down to only 40-50%.

I believe that wasn’t always the case.

I believe the production decreases because of the major increase of toxins in our air, food, and water which damage the cells ability to uptake vital nutrients.

That’s why it looks as if the dimmer switch has turned our lights down by the time we reach our 40’s.

Then, to make matters even worse, those polysaccharide sugars, which are needed for fuel that cannot get into our cells–float around aimlessly and they stick to other vital nutrients like fats and proteins and cause even worse problems.

This is called Glycation.

Glycated sugars stick to tissues and begin the disease process.

When they stick in the circulatory system–they cause hardening of the arteries and set us up for heart attack and stroke.

When they stick in the brain–they cause learning and memory issues and eventually dementia and Alzheimers.

When they stick in the skin–we see spots and wrinkles and skin degeneration. 

And you can imagine the kinds of diseases that begin in organs and systems because of glycation.

This amazing Raw, Natural Micronized Food can help fuel the cells, so they can do what they were meant to do … so they can create healthier new cells and repair the glycated tissue!

I believe we were created to be healthy until we die.

I have found the way to restore health through Cellular  Enlightenment.

Want to see what it feels like to turn your Lights back on and get on with your life’s purpose with vitality and enthusiasm?

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