Bestselling novelist Karen Keilt is sharing an amazing new story—about how Micronized Purple Rice is energizing and restoring her body and mind—and in some ways, this story is every bit as thrilling as her new book, The Parrot’s Perch.

Soon to be a major motion picture, The Parrot’s Perch is a fictionalized account of Karen’s horrific experience as a young woman in Brazil. The story mingles the genteel world of socialites and equestrian championships with the corrupt world of drug dealers, dirty cops, and violence.

These days Karen, 62, is enjoying the success of her book and looking forward with excitement to its becoming a film.

And, she’s just as thrilled with the changes in her health that she’s experienced with Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice!

“Well, the first thing I need to tell you is that I’m a very skeptical person,” Karen says. After following posts in the Kare’s Purple Rice Eaters Facebook group  for six to eight months, she finally decided to get on board.

“I read about all the wonderful things people were saying, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh! Why am I not doing this?’ I had no particular health issues, but I wanted my body and mind to run on the very best fuel available for optimal results.”

She learned how the Micronized Purple Rice is milled so fine that it’s able to be absorbed through the cell membrane, fuel the mitochondria (the cellular battery), and regenerate the cells.

Finally, in July, she started on the rice.

“Within the first three weeks,” she says, “my energy levels skyrocketed, and since then I’ve noticed the obvious ‘evidence’ things – gray hair gradually disappearing, energy level through the roof.”

Karen had gotten blood work done beforehand so she’d have a reference point. “My total cholesterol, even though it’s already really low, dropped even more, from 178 to 151. I also am seeing brightening in my skin, and my eye whites are even brighter. The spider veins in my legs are gone, too.”

She recently went to dinner with friends she hadn’t seen for a while. “I was sitting next to a really good friend of mine, who’s a little bit older than me, and she said, ‘Have you done something to your skin?’ I told her that I attribute the improvements to the purple rice.”

Karen has seen big changes in her mood, too. “I’m sleeping better, and I’ve cut out some of the supplements that I used to take. In a nutshell, I just feel amazing. I’m not the kind of person who spreads this kind of stuff with a lot of people, but I’ve been telling everyone about it, because I truly think it’s miraculous.”

“Oh, and shhhhh! Sex drive? I know that for many women in my age group, the 60s, postmenopausal, sex is sort of an ‘Oh my god, let’s not talk about this,’ but I gotta tell you, it’s made a change there too, and let me just say that my husband is a very happy camper!”

“The purple rice has put a complete shift on every aspect of my life, from physical to mental, with just a general feeling of wellbeing, and I can 100 percent attribute that to the purple rice.”

“I am totally thrilled, happy beyond belief that I found Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice. Do yourself a favor. Do not miss out on this amazing product!”
~Karen K.