This week’s Tuesday Testimonial is a 10-month update from Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice (MPR) health coach Deborah Burley, who has seen outstanding improvement in her cerebral palsy.

Deb’s story was one of our earliest Tuesday Testimonials, and was written when she’d been using MPR powder for just five weeks. You can read the original article HERE:

Today Deb, 63, has been eating MPR for 10 months, having started in July 2015. She started working with Kare as a health coach several months after that.

Back when her first Tuesday Testimonial was written, Deb was hoping to be able to go for a 5k walk by November 2016, after having been in a wheelchair for 16 years.

“Learning to walk again is coming along, slowly but surely,” Deb says. “I’m now revising my goal to be able to participate in the 5k walk to February or March of 2017.”

“I can stand for longer periods of time and am getting stronger,” she reports. “My balance has greatly improved, because MPR seems to work on brain cells by penetrating the blood-brain barrier.”

“I am just amazed that it has improved my cerebral palsy,” Deb relates, “which is something I thought would never happen, since I’ve had this condition from birth, and I’ve been in a wheelchair for 16 years.”

She’s also seen a lot of other improvements since her September 2015 testimonial, Deb reports.

“All my blood work is still in the normal range,” she says, “and my energy level is through the roof!”

“My inflammation is gone, and I have no back pain now,” she reports. “And, my knees are 95 percent better.”

“The most recent thing I’ve experienced is mind-blowing, though!” Deb relates.

“I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old,” she explains. “I am nearsighted, and I need glasses to drive. Well, about a month ago, I was at a stoplight. I took my glasses off since my vision seemed blurry.”

“I was shocked as I looked up ahead — I could read all the signs clearly! Now I just wear my sunglasses to drive. This is from a person who also had a torn retina in my left eye in 2012!”

“MPR has been life-changing for me,” Deb concludes, “and not just how it has affected my physical body, but also the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve shared this with. I feel this is one of my life missions now. It has changed my life in more ways than I ever expected!”

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