About 3 years ago, my mom dragged me to a class that changed the way I interact with the world.

I had no idea what the class was going to be about, only that she had gone to it recently, loved it, and thought I would love it too.  And I did.

It was weird, wild, magical, and made me feel so blissed out. 

In other words, it was totally up my alley. 

My mind is usually going a million miles a minute – overthinking on overdrive.  

But after this class, it wasn’t.  All of sudden, I had space.  I was present.  I was mindful. I was conscious.

And I felt more like myself than ever before.

This was my first introduction to Access Consciousness.

After that first class, I quickly began taking as many Access Consciousness classes as possible and implemented the tools in my own life.

Kare's Purple Rice Products - Jenn PossickAnd so today, I’m taking over my mom’s blog to share with you 5 tools that created more ease and joy in my world. (I hope you don’t mind.) 

If we haven’t met before in my mom’s Purple Rice Eaters Facebook Group, I’m Jenn Possick. I’m Kare’s daughter. I run the marketing for Kare’s Purple Rice Products.  And I help entrepreneurs grow their business using Facebook.

Here we go!

Tool #1 – Questions Create

“A question creates choices. Choices create possibilities.  Possibilities allow the universe to contribute to you.” Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

The other day, I was asked if I use mantras. I do, but I use them a bit differently. 

I turn the mantras into a question.  Here’s why…

If I say “I am a money magnet” my mind immediately starts working on overdrive to think of all the ways that I am not, in fact, a money magnet.

But when I switch that to be a question like ‘What would it take to be a money magnet?’ my mind starts working out possibilities of what it would take to be a money magnet.

This is not looking for a reason why or looking for the right answer.  Simply asking the question allows the possibilities to begin forming and the universe to deliver it for you.

Give it a try with some of your mantras.  See what it creates for you.

Need another example? Here’s a great question… “What would it take for ____ to turn out better than I could have ever imagined?”

Tool #2  – How does it get any better than this?

photo-1450151156983-86161cfa704dThis is probably my favorite and most used question.

Here’s why…it works whether things are going great or going terribly.

Let’s look at this from the other side.  Have you ever had something yucky happen, and in response, said, “Well, how can things get any worse?”

What happens?  Often, things get worse.

(Of course they do.  You asked for them to, right? And if you recognize yourself in this, it’s okay.  Be gentle with yourself.  I’ve done it too.  I reckon almost all of us have.)

So instead, when things are going poorly, ask “How does it get any better than this?”

What do you think will happen?

I fully believe that the Universe is conspiring for us.  So when we ask for something, it puts everything together to deliver what we’re asking for.

So, when we ask how does it get any better, it sets the Universe in motion to deliver that ‘better.’

And the fun part – you can ask “How does it get any better than this?” when things are already going great.

What do think happens then? Magic.

Tool #3 – Who does this belong to?

Has this ever happened to you?…You’re around someone who is in a grumpy mood, and all of a sudden, you start having grumpy thoughts – letting their bad mood take over as if it’s yours.

If you can relate, it may be because you’re incredibly aware.

(This is sometimes referred to as being an empath.)

How many thoughts, feelings, and emotions of other people do you pick up on and then take on as your own?

I do this all the time.  I think that many of us do.

So, when you feel yourself thinking, reacting, or feeling a way that doesn’t seem like you, ask, “Who does this belong to?” Is it yours or somebody else?

Just asking the question can be enough to stop you from going down the rabbit hole.

So, if it’s not your stuff, don’t take it on.  Instead, ask “Who does this belong to?”

Tool #4 – Light or Heavy

A few weeks ago, I received an email inviting me to a workshop about Facebook Ads at the Facebook offices.

I teach others how to market on Facebook.  I use Facebook ads regularly.  I love them.  I think they are brilliant.

So, when I opened that email, I was so excited!

Actually, I was beyond excited. I felt as though I was floating.  Everything about the email brought me so much joy and possibilities.

In Access, that feeling is referred to as ‘Light.’ 

When something is right for you, it feels light.

Conversely, when something is not right for you, it feels ‘Heavy.’

For me, heavy feels like a pit in my stomach.

Light and heavy are great tools to play with when making decisions.

Follow what is light for you. And if something feels heavy, there’s something there that isn’t a match for you.

If you’d like to know a bit more, my friend Kass Thomas shares about light and heavy in this video.

Tool #5 – Access Body Classes

That first Access Consciousness class I attended was actually a Body Process called The Bars.

This hands-on body process involves lightly touching 32 points on the head.  

One of my favorite descriptions of The Bars if “At the worst, you’ll feel like you had a good massage.  At the best, your whole life can change.”

To experience the Bars, you have 2 choices.

  1. You can have a Bars Practitioner run your Bars.  It takes about an hour.
  2. You can attend a Bars class.  This is an 8 hour day, where you gift and receive the Bars twice and leave as a Bars Practitioner – being able to run Bars on others.

(My favorite part about being a Bars Practitioner is being able to exchange this process with others.)

To find someone to run your Bars or a Bars Class, CLICK HERE

Along with The Bars, Access has many other body processes.  And my favorite way to experience them is in the Access Consciousness Body Class.

This is a 3 day class that consists of gifting and receiving from over 50 possible body processes.

I’ve taken this class twice now, from 2 different facilitators. And I’ve taken the Advanced Body Class from Access’ founder, Gary Douglas.

I’m not sure that I am able to accurately describe how amazing these classes are, but I will try…

The Access Body Class is the best gift I have ever given myself.

Take how much I loved my first Bars class and multiply that by 100.

Gifting myself these classes has impacted my relationship with my body, with my self esteem, with my partner, and with my life in so many amazing ways that I am incredibly grateful for.

The first 4 tools are things you can implement immediately.  I wanted to include Access Body Classes as tool #5 because I think it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t.

Want to take an Access Body Class? 

There are multiple ones to choose from all over the world.  You can find them on the Access Consciousness site HERE.


You can join me at the Access Body Class I’ll be attending in Asheville, North Carolina April 1st-3rd. 

This class is so incredibly light for me.  

My friend Kass Thomas is facilitating it, and her facilitation is brilliant. With an attitude of “What if the purpose of life is to have fun?” she infuses joy, wonder, and possibility into her classes.

And for this class to be in Asheville seems like a perfect match.  I lived in Asheville, NC for 13 years.  I now live by the beach in Florida.  And while I love the ocean, I miss Asheville every day.

Asheville is a cute, quaint, artsy town, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with gorgeous views, amazing people, and the best food I have ever tasted.

Is it light for you to attend too?

If so, you can learn more about it HERE.

access body class Asheville NC with Kass Thomas

(This class does have pre-requisites, of The Bars and Foundation. If you have not already taken those classes, Kass’ hosts Phoebe and Becky are each offering both classes.  Find more about that HERE for Phoebe and HERE for Becky. Or you can find a facilitator near you HERE.

And if you’d like to take a Body Class from Kass, but can’t make the Asheville Class, you can see Kass’ other class HERE, like her just announced Body Class in Phoenix, AZ April 8th-10th. )

There you have it.  5 tools that changed my world.  Play with these and let me know which tool is your favorite in the comments.

And be sure to let me know if I’ll be seeing you in Asheville! <3