When Anthony William was 4-years-old, Spirit told him to put his little hand on his grandmother’s chest and say “lung cancer” at a family gathering!


Although his grandmother was symptom free – a visit to the doctor proved Anthony correct.

It saved her life.  And people began listening.

Today Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has millions of people listening to him…including me.

4 Things I Learned from the Medical Medium Live WorkshopAs a Christmas present, my daughter Jenn got tickets for us to go to the first Live Medical Medium workshop  – which was held in Clearwater, Florida in February.  

This was a fully-packed,  sold out house with about 400 loyal fans from all around the country – hoping to learn more about how to heal their conditions and be selected to get a reading from him.

His information, which he says comes from Spirit, rings true for me.

His message about the causes of the diseases that plague us including arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, Hashimoto’s disease, hormonal imbalances, depression, neurological conditions, inflammation, autoimmune disease, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, candida, migraines, Lyme disease, ADHD, autism, PTSD, menopause, digestive disorders, and just about everything else, is not the same information that we are hearing from the medical establishment today.

And so, today on the blog, I want to share 4 things I learned from the Medical Medium.

1. The Unforgiving Four…

Messages from Spirit counsel that the underlying causes of our health issues are from what Anthony calls The Unforgiving Four:

  1. Radiation  – We are still experiencing massive amounts of radiation fallout from WWII and the effects from Fukushima are just starting to be felt and will be for a long time to come.  
  2. DDT – This is still found in our air, our rainfall, and our livers.
  3. Heavy Metals – Mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, and so many more are in our air, food and water and interfering in our bodies and brains.
  4. Virus -These are hiding in our cells waiting for the time to cause havoc. Epstein-Barr being one of the most common culprit that is wreaking havoc in our bodies and being misdiagnosed and mistreated over and over again.

2. There is plenty of hope

We are all affected by these toxins and viruses and so many of us have been guided to search for the natural solutions.  

And as Spirit guides Anthony Willliam, we, too, have been guided by Spirit and the Angels whether we listen or not.

It is time that we listen and take our health seriously.  We have valuable work to do here and we need to be at the top of our game to do it!

3. Anthony advises us not to be tricked…

“Our bodies do not attack themselves.  Our illness are not our fault or all in our head.  It is not genetics or Karma.”  

He explained that we are dealing with serious issues and we need to trust ourselves to be guided to the answers.  

We need to meditate and reconnect with our souls.  

We need to eat foods that will help us heal rather than add to our toxins and feed our viruses.  We need to gaze at the stars and sun and moon and reconnect with nature.  

We need to have faith.  

We need to add to our sleep account whenever we can.  

And we need to be compassionate and love ourselves.  

We are the most precious treasure!

4. How to change the Unforgiving 4

His solutions?  

His message is clear that we can heal these conditions through our attitude, our foods, and our attention to our lifestyle.

He recommends:

  • Meditation
  • Bonding with nature
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Compassion for ourselves
  • Communion with the angels
  • A very clean diet with specific recommendations for foods and nutrients for each condition

You can get information on all these from his wonderful book “Medical Medium.”
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I agreed with everything he had to say!


I just kept wanting to run up to the stage and tell everyone about the best food that I know of – and that people with all these same conditions are having such amazing reversals and results after eating Micronized Purple Rice.  

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When you realize that the body needs to be built up with the best and most powerful nutrition to give the cells the energy to function at its highest levels so it can rid itself of the radiation, DDT, heavy metals and virus — you understand that it takes a major diet and lifestyle change to reverse the damage our dear bodies have suffered.    

But it is possible.  

And it is easier when we understand our responsibility to value the treasure that we are–and the work we have been put here to do.

Anthony William provides extremely valuable insights and information and encouragement.  

It is little wonder that he has a millions of followers and thousands on his waiting list for a personal reading.

So when Jenn was 1 of the 20 people chosen for a reading by Anthony at the workshop we were more
than thrilled!  

He ran his hand over her energy field, stood back and listened to Spirit diagnose her, and brought tears to her eyes with his revelation to her.  Absolutely right on!

He advised her to not eat eggs, to drink raspberry and nettle leaf teas, and he gave her a meditation to reconnect with her body so it could heal the disconnect and create the desired effect.

What was interesting to me…Every other reading he gave was about a disease condition and what to do for it – Jenn’s was the only reading that started with heath and took it to the next level.  

I believe this is because she has been eating the Micronized Purple Rice that has given her body a jump-start at releasing the toxins and viruses that are the cause of most diseases.

What a great day Jenn and I spent together.

The Medical Medium’s lecture, his readings, the movement, and meditation sessions and our time spent on the beach was a welcomed little vacation for our own healing.  

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What are you doing to heal yourself?

What are you going to do now that you know what Anthony advises?

Let me know in the comments.